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Captivity vs Nature

I feel really bad for the sea lion that Seaworld forces to approach his/her natural predator.

Is it bad that I’m laughing extremely hard at how the orca just annihilates the sea lon in the 2nd gif?

all I can hear is NYOOM

You wanna know something cool? Recent studies of orcas seem to show that during the seal breeding season, they knowingly limit their intake of seals.  In fact, there are documented cases of orcas gently grabbing seal pups and pulling them into shore to keep them safe from being eaten.

Why? You might wonder.

The case studies seem to say that the orcas know that no baby seals growing up means less seals next year.  They are so intelligent that they’re aware of their own impact as a predatory species on their prey and actively work to conserve the number of that prey species for the future.  Maybe we could learn something about moderation and conservation from these animals.

They should really be granded nonhuman personhood like they were in India.

Intelligence of Orcas. Well said. 

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